We rent different models of kayaks from several manufacturers.  Some kayaks work better for some people than others do, some are more stable than others and some are made for petite or young people.  Why compromise?  Here are the boats and what they do well:

Perception Prodigy XS - 10 ' long boat made for children or petite paddlers.  Must be under 150Lbs. to use this boat.  The benefit to kids is they will have an easier time paddling this boat without hitting their hands on the gunwales.


Perception Tribute 10 - 10' long boat for smaller paddlers.  Must be under 225Lbs to use this boat.  The Tribute is a lightweight boat that tracks well and has surprising speed.

Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 - 12' long kayak that tracks very straight.  It's the country's best selling kayak for a reason.  Excellent stability and tracking with good speed.  Must be under 325Lbs to use this kayak.

Perception Tribe 135T - 13.5' long tandem Sit-on-Top kayak built for two and a child.  Two adults and a child can fit on this kayak for one low price.  It's very stable too.  Must be under 500Lbs in combined weight to use this kayak.

Perception Triumph 13 - 13' long Sit-on-Top kayak for one adult and a child.  It can be used by one adult by themselves, or one adult and one child.  Very stable boat.  Must be under 350Lbs in combined weight to use this kayak.

Wilderness Systems Aspire 105 - 10.5' long kayak.  Excellent stability and good tracking.  Not super fast, but very stable.  Must be under 400Lbs to use this kayak.

Perception Prodigy 12 - 12' long kayak and great rec boat.  Superb stability and easy to turn.  Must be under 350 Lbs to use this kayak.